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Upgrade Bow in Der Eisendrache: Easy Guide

Hey there, zombie slayers! Looking to upgrade your bow in Der Eisendrache? You’ve come to the right place. In this easy guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to unleash the full potential of your Wrath of the Ancient bow. With a little know-how and determination, you’ll be wielding one of the four elemental variations in no time.

Before we dive into the specific upgrade paths, let me give you a quick overview of the Wrath of the Ancient bow. This powerful weapon has an ammunition capacity of 60 arrows and a charged shot that can wreak havoc on hordes of undead. The impact of the charged shot triggers an explosive blast, taking out multiple zombies in its radius. Talk about a crowd pleaser!

The journey to acquiring the Wrath of the Ancient bow begins with activating three stone dragons scattered throughout the map. Once these dragons are brought to life by taking down zombies around them, you’ll be able to access the Knight’s Tomb and claim your bow. Now, let’s explore the elemental upgrades!

Key Takeaways:

  • The Wrath of the Ancient bow can be upgraded into four elemental variations.
  • Activate the stone dragons to access the Knight’s Tomb and acquire the bow.
  • The Lightning Bow (Storm Bow) and Wolf Bow (Wolf Howl) require specific tasks to be completed for their upgrades.
  • The Fire Bow (Demon Gate) and Shadow Bow (Void Bow) have their own unique upgrade paths.
  • Each upgraded bow offers distinct abilities and aesthetics, giving you an edge against the undead.

Finding the Wrath of the Ancient Bow

finding wrath of the ancient bow

To embark on your quest to wield the formidable Wrath of the Ancient bow in Der Eisendrache, you must first locate and activate three stone dragons scattered throughout the map. These legendary creatures come alive after vanquishing zombies in their vicinity, revealing their true power and granting you access to the coveted bow.

The stone dragons can be found in specific areas of the map, each guarding a vital piece of the puzzle. To set them free, you must prove your worth by slaying the undead in their presence. As the corpses pile up, the dragons ignite with life, signaling your progress towards claiming the ancient weapon.

Once all three stone dragons have been activated, a path shall be revealed. Follow it devoutly, for it will lead you to the fabled Knight’s Tomb, where the Wrath of the Ancient bow awaits its rightful owner. Prepare yourself for the arduous journey ahead, for only the worthy shall wield this weapon of immense power.

Gathering the Stone Dragons

Here are the locations of the stone dragons on the Der Eisendrache map:

Dragon LocationActivation Requirement
Dragon 1Eliminate zombies near the Courtyard
Dragon 2Defeat zombies near the Rocket Pad
Dragon 3Vanquish zombies near the Death Ray Area

Remember, the stone dragons won’t reveal themselves easily. Only through sheer determination and skill can you awaken their dormant power. Once you’ve activated all three of them, make your way to the Knight’s Tomb with haste, for the ancient bow shall not wait forever.

Upgrading to the Lightning Bow

If you’re looking to pack an electrifying punch in the zombie-infested world of Der Eisendrache, upgrading your Wrath of the Ancient bow to the Lightning Bow, also known as the Storm Bow, is the way to go. This upgraded version of the bow will give you the power to unleash devastating lightning strikes on your undead foes.

To begin the upgrade process, you’ll first need to activate the Death Ray trap. Once activated, head over to the wind vane and take aim. Shoot the wind vane to obtain a purple item that is crucial for the Lightning Bow upgrade.

Next, venture outside the map and locate three bonfires. These bonfires play a vital role in the upgrade process. Light all three bonfires to progress further.

Now it’s time to showcase your agility. Head to the pyramid area and perform a wall-run. While executing this wall-run, you’ll need to charge three electrical vases using your trusty Wrath of the Ancient bow. Make sure to hit all three vases to ensure a successful upgrade.

Once you’ve charged the vases, return to the bonfires. Take aim with your electrified bow and shoot the charged arrows at the bonfires. This final step completes the upgrade process and grants you the Lightning Bow, turning you into a formidable force against the undead hordes.

The Lightning Bow possesses immense power and a stunning visual aesthetic. Its blue lightning arrows will decimate any zombies in their path, giving you the upper hand in your fight for survival. So why wait? Upgrade to the Lightning Bow today and reign chaos upon your undead enemies.

Upgrading to the Wolf Bow

wolf bow image

The Wolf Bow, also known as the Wolf Howl, is another powerful variation of the upgraded Wrath of the Ancient bow. To obtain this formidable weapon, I’ll guide you through the necessary steps:

  1. Interact with 4 paintings: Explore the map and interact with 4 distinct paintings in specific locations. These paintings hold the key to unlocking the potential of the Wolf Bow.
  2. Shoot the red flag: Head to the Rocket Pad area and aim carefully to shoot down the red flag. This action will reward you with a crucial skull that you’ll need for the next step.
  3. Follow the ghostly wolf: As you traverse the map, keep an eye out for a ghostly wolf. It will guide you to various locations. Along the way, eliminate zombies to feed the hungry wolf.
  4. Shoot the wolf heads: The ghostly wolf will lead you to a wall adorned with wolf heads. Take aim and shoot each head with precision. This will set in motion the final stage of the upgrade process.
  5. Find the arrow from the skeleton: With the heads dispatched, a skeleton will emerge holding a special arrow. Claim it swiftly as it is a crucial component required to complete the upgrade.
  6. Charge the arrow in the pyramid room: Make your way to the pyramid room and charge the arrow using the available energy source. This final step will finalize the upgrade process and grant you the mighty Wolf Bow.

With the Wolf Bow in hand, you’ll harness its devastating power and unleash the fury of the wolf upon your foes. Don’t hesitate to dominate the battlefield and overcome the hordes of the undead!

Upgrading to the Fire Bow

Fire Bow

To upgrade to the Fire Bow, players can transform their Wrath of the Ancient bow into the powerful Demon Gate. The Fire Bow unleashes a torrent of fiery arrows, engulfing enemies in flames and dealing devastating damage. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade to the Fire Bow:

  1. Shoot the wall behind the Clock Tower: Players need to locate the clock tower and shoot the wall behind it. This will reveal a hidden quest item essential for the Fire Bow upgrade.
  2. Shoot a fireball at the Rocket Launch area: Head to the Rocket Launch area and shoot a fireball at a specific spot. This step is crucial and will unlock the next phase of the upgrade process.
  3. Activate the ritual circles: While airborne, players must shoot and activate three ritual circles scattered across the map. This requires precision and accuracy to hit the circles mid-air. Once all three are activated, players can proceed to the next step.
  4. Charge the ritual circles: Now, players must charge the activated ritual circles by eliminating zombies in their proximity. The more zombies killed, the faster the charging process. This step is vital for advancing towards the final stages of the upgrade.
  5. Find the fireplace with the Apothicon symbol: Search for a fireplace adorned with the mysterious Apothicon symbol. Once located, shoot the symbol to unlock a fire arrow, an essential component for the Fire Bow upgrade.
  6. Charge and complete the upgrade: Take the fire arrow to the pyramid room and charge it with the Wrath of the Ancient bow. By harnessing the mysterious energies within the pyramid, players can complete the Fire Bow upgrade and wield its destructive power against the undead hordes.

Image of the Fire Bow:

With the Fire Bow in hand, players can rain down fiery devastation upon their enemies. The Demon Gate will turn zombies into ashes, clearing hordes with ease. Upgrade your bow to the Fire Bow and become an unstoppable force in the battle against the undead.

Upgrading to the Shadow Bow

upgrading to shadow bow

The Shadow Bow, also known as the Void Bow, is the final upgraded version of the Wrath of the Ancient bow in Der Eisendrache. To upgrade to the Shadow Bow, I followed a series of steps that involved interacting with paintings, charging urns, and collecting various items.

First, I had to locate and interact with 4 paintings in specific locations on the map. These paintings held the key to unlocking the power of the Shadow Bow. Each painting revealed a hidden symbol that I needed to progress to the next step.

Once I interacted with the paintings, I had to melee-kill a zombie near the bell tower to obtain a vase. This vase played a crucial role in the upgrade process. It was vital to hold onto it for the rest of the steps.

Next, I had to scour the map and collect 6 skulls that were scattered in different areas. This task required careful exploration and attention to detail. Once I had all 6 skulls, I was ready to proceed to the next phase of the upgrade.

Returning to the area where I acquired the vase, I used it to draw crawlers. By shooting the drawn crawlers, I charged the vase with a mystical energy that would be crucial for the final step.

After charging the vase, I had to interact with knight statues and shoot symbols on the floor. These symbols created a path that led me to the pyramid room, where I could acquire a forged arrow.

With the forged arrow in hand, I charged it using the power of the Wrath of the Ancient bow. The final step was to complete the upgrade process by charging the arrow and inserting it into a chest near the pyramid.

The Shadow Bow, or Void Bow, proved to be a formidable weapon against the undead hordes. Its dark and mysterious powers allowed me to unleash devastation upon my enemies. With its charged shots, the Shadow Bow engulfed the battlefield in a purple area of reckoning, instantly killing enemies and releasing their souls to eliminate nearby zombies.


Upgrade StepsInstructions
Interact with PaintingsFind and interact with 4 paintings in specific locations on the map.
Obtain VaseMelee-kill a zombie near the bell tower to obtain a vase.
Collect SkullsFind and collect 6 skulls scattered around the map.
Draw and Shoot CrawlersUse the vase to draw crawlers and shoot them to charge the vase.
Interact with Knight Statues and Shoot SymbolsInteract with knight statues and shoot symbols on the floor to reveal a path.
Acquire Forged ArrowRetrieve a forged arrow from the pyramid room.
Charge Arrow and Complete UpgradeCharge the arrow and insert it into a chest near the pyramid to complete the upgrade.

Overview of Each Upgraded Bow

Each upgraded bow in Der Eisendrache offers unique abilities and aesthetics, providing players with powerful tools to combat the undead. Let’s take a closer look at each upgraded bow:

Lightning Bow (Storm Bow)

The Lightning Bow, also known as the Storm Bow, unleashes the power of electricity. It shoots blue lightning arrows that can electrify and eliminate groups of zombies, clearing a path with ease. The Lightning Bow boasts an increased ammunition capacity, ensuring you can continue the fight without running out of arrows.

Wolf Bow (Wolf Howl)

The Wolf Bow, or the Wolf Howl, taps into the primal nature of the wolf. It not only slows down nearby zombies, but it can also summon a pack of fierce wolves to attack the undead. The Wolf Bow’s unique ability to call upon animal allies adds a strategic element to your gameplay, allowing you to overwhelm the undead with relentless force.

Fire Bow (Demon Gate)

The Fire Bow, known as the Demon Gate, harnesses the power of fire. It shoots fiery arrows that leave a trail of flames in their wake. The fire ignites upon impact, instantly eliminating enemies caught within its radius. The Fire Bow’s fiery trail can also create a defensive barrier, deterring zombies from approaching and giving you valuable breathing room in intense situations.

Shadow Bow (Void Bow)

The Shadow Bow, also referred to as the Void Bow, taps into the darkness itself. Each charged shot from the Shadow Bow creates a purple area of reckoning that decimates enemies in an instant. As the charged arrows eliminate zombies, their souls are released to kill nearby undead, leading to a chain reaction of destruction. The Shadow Bow’s power lies in its ability to obliterate hordes of zombies in a single shot.

With these upgraded bow variations, players have a variety of elemental powers to choose from, each with its own unique playstyle. Experiment with different bows to find the one that best suits your strategies and helps you dominate the undead in Der Eisendrache.


With this easy guide, you can effortlessly upgrade your Wrath of the Ancient bow in Der Eisendrache and acquire one of the four formidable elemental variations. By following the specific steps outlined in this guide and completing the necessary tasks, you will wield a powerful weapon that can dominate the undead in the map.

Each upgraded bow possesses its own unique abilities, adding a dynamic element to your gameplay experience. Whether you choose the Lightning Bow (Storm Bow), the Wolf Bow (Wolf Howl), the Fire Bow (Demon Gate), or the Shadow Bow (Void Bow), you’ll gain an advantage against hordes of zombies and enhance your chances of survival.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your bow and become an unstoppable force in the fight against the undead. Follow this comprehensive guide to unleash the full potential of your Wrath of the Ancient bow in Der Eisendrache and pave your way to victory.

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